Ever since I can remember my favorite question to ask has been WHY?

The search for thoughtfulness and reason can be tense, it can also awaken TRUTH. Diving into what stands out, what is undiscovered, what makes an entity SHINE, is at the heart of every one of my projects.

You are passionate and eager to share the beauty of what you do. Communicating with clear and consistent visual presentation builds trust and community. There is no feeling of compromise, there is no sense of wavering. Strong messaging authentically fits who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how you see.

With clear vision a strong identity emerges. Those you serve can enjoy what you offer, participate in what you do, and help grow the shared vision.

let's make your story SHINE

emotive imagery

The Power of Emotional Connection

Clear communication starts at the very beginning of the design process by exploring and creating a shared language. What feelings do certain words bring forward? How do you imagine yourself? Where to you want to strech and grow?

hello world

Passion for Travel

Hello sea, I've been longing to be close to you. Your pull, your tides, your beauty overwhelms me and I feel at home. Such beauty exists here like I have never known. Travel builds my perception; the more I see, the more there is to be seen. My eye travels with me picking up pattern, shape, color, light, proportion, and focus.

Come explore with me at Fox + Witch where I collect treasures from my travels.

Fox & Witch

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With a background in graphic design Lyra specializes in the many facets of branding and identity creation. There is much to gain from the deep exploration and questioning a branding journey invites. From individual to corporate projects, all steps along the spectrum of brand discovery have a role for vision and ART.

Go on, ask questions. Find out why.